Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tomorrow: Sentencing for Fabian Henderson (Oreo's Abuser) - URGENT ACTION NEEDED

Tomorrow is sentencing day for Fabian Henderson, the Brooklyn "man" who beat and then threw Oreo off the roof of the six story Red Hook housing project. The heartless act happened on June 18th. Although true justice can never be served we can call and demand that Fabian Henderson is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Please take a few moments to call the judge and the prosecuting Assistant District Attorney.

Defendant: Fabian Henderson Case #: 06995-2009
Charge: Felony Animal Cruelty

Judge : Hon. Dineen Riviezzo (new Judge, replaced Judge Mullen)
Phone: 1-347-296-1446 (direct line to the Judge's chambers - please be polite when calling)

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Lisa Berk from the Trial Bureau Blue Zone. Deputy District Attorney Carol Moran is Chief of the Animal Crimes Unit. Jeffery Levitt is Chief of the Trial Bureau Blue Zone. They can be reached at:

Kings County District Attorney's Office 1-718-250-2000 (if you call you will have to select #1 for English, then #0 to get to an operator at which point you can ask to be put through to ADA Lisa Berk)

EDIT 2.11.10: Fabian Henderson's sentencing has been postponed until February 18th. He remains in jail. Please continue to call the numbers above and ask that he be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.EDIT 2.18.10: Fabian Henderson's sentencing has been postponed until tomorrow February 19th. He remains in jail. Please continue to call the numbers above and ask that he be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


wisteriao said...

Oreo could have been rescued. How could the ASPCA do this? I am horrified.

jackmattsmom said...

This is TERRIBLE and makes my heart break. I hope someone throws him off a 6 story building after he is beaten. He deserves more than we all know he will get. Judge, if you read this please do NOT let him off easily. No one with a conscience could do this.

jackmattsmom said...

There is no excuse for what this "man" did to this poor dog. I hope someone throws him off a 6 story building after beating him. Judge, if you read this, please do not let him off lightly. I know he wont get what he deserves in this life, but please do not be lenient in his punishment. It takes a special kind of evil to do something like this. ~ In Memory of Oreo
Cheryl Witton, Aurora MN

Anonymous said...

i think they should fine him $10,000, 500 hours of community work at an animal shelter, and then throw him off a six story building.

cindyharrold said...

I guarantee that if he is not stopped now the next time it will be another sweet animal and then maybe his child and then maybe his wife, and let's not forget that 100 percent of serial killers were animal abusers.
Whoever allowed an animal's pain to be less or mean less than any human pain

MyFuZZyButtZ said...

ANYONE who takes advantage of the absolute and total devotion of an animal (or a child) by using harsh words OR Physical Violence, for their own sick pleasures or financial gain, Does NOT deserve to live among us. Shame on them. May they live that shame forever, never knowing the kindness of love again.

Jessica said...

It does indeed take a special kind of evil to do this to a dog. It is in the same class as doing something like that to a young and innocent child. Both children and animals are innocent, and completely undeserving of these terrible acts of cruelty. People who can abuse dogs and other animals, especially to this degree, are sociopath killers in the making.

RIP Oreo, mankind has failed you, for that I am truely beside myself with sorrow.

Natasha and Noah said...

He deserves the worst that can be meted out to him. Nothing will compensate for what he did, but, at least, maybe there will be some justice!

franck said...

this " human " and ASPCA are both the same reposibles of Oreo's death

fayely10 said...

oreo lived a life of hell
thrown from a roof
then taken in to get well
time passed
she struggled to cope
sometimes by being aggressive
other times she would mope
but on general principal
she needed more of a chance
to learn again to be a dog
to partake in life's dance
but the powers that be
decided she had to go
no matter how many voices
shouted no no no no

karen lyons kalmenson

Anonymous said...

I'am soooo upset, How could any person do this to this poor dog...someone should have done something... aspca was offered help why did they not take it... As for the jackass who did this I hope he burns in hell...

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