Saturday, March 6, 2010

Brooklyn dog lovers say "Pass Oreo's Law!"

another OLTF member educating the public about Oreo's Law

After an insanely hellish and unusually long week of work I plopped down in my bed early on Friday night and begrudgingly set my alarm for 6am. I moaned. I sighed. I frowned and scowled. I was very dramatic about the whole thing. Waking up at 6 in the morning is torture to an old man like myself.

"Why did I agree to do this?" I whined to my fiance, then, after a pause, "Yeah, I know, it's for the animals."

6am hit and I shot out of bed, filled with excited enthusiastic energy, happy to be headed to Prospect Park in Brooklyn to spread word of Oreo's Law to folks attending the Fido off-leash "Coffee Bark" event.

I have never had a better day leafletting. Ever. It was like a dream: imagine passing out fliers and every single person wants one and is honestly interested in what you have to say. Incredible.

Really though, what better place to spread information about a law that would help countless shelter animals than at an event drawing an enormous group of dog lovers together to hang out on a beautiful day with their awesome dogs?

Everyone I approached was receptive and listened to the story of Oreo being flung from a 6 story rooftop and the ASPCA's "rescue" and mishandling of the situation which ultimately ended with the ASPCA killing Oreo even when a sanctuary that deals with troubled dogs offered to take her, further rehabilitate her, and even give her sanctuary for life if needed.

With four of us from Oreo's Law Task Force there on a mission to spread the word, over 300 fliers were distributed and nearly every single person spoken to promised they would be calling their legislators to ask they support this important law.

Thanks Fido for having these off-leash events - it was so much fun to hang out with so many awesome dogs. Belly rubs, head scratches and sloppy, slobbery kisses were abundant and welcomed.

Do you live in New York State? Go here to quickly look up your assembly member and NY State Senator - give their offices a call and let their assistants (or voicemails) know that you're a constituent and you want them to support Oreo's Law.